WOD October 27 , 2023

“Anxiety is experiencing Failure in advance, Stay In the moment out of your head and in your body.”

Congratulations to Sarah Wright  She has Been healing from a Foot injury and continued to come into the gym and kept  the training going , along with a great attitude! So our hats off to you Sarah We see you and we are all proud of the athlete and person you are . Here is her workout .

“Peg Leg”
4 Min AMRAP x 4
18/15 Calorie Row
20 Wall Balls 20/14
Max Reps Gymnastics movement, which will change every Round
Followed By 2:00 Rest between Rounds

RD 1: 1 legged Single unders
RD 2: Pull ups
RD 3: Handstand Pushups
RD 4: Chest To Bar Pull ups