WOD July 22, 2023

“We cannot study the brain, the instrument for fabricating the realities we inhabit, using the mental constructs of the past.”-Timothy Leary-

Wallballs (20/14)
Box jumps (24/20)
Kettle bell swings (53/35)

* time cap 30 mins

Monster mash:
Front squats Find heavy triple for the day

Rest 5 mins

9-7-5 Reps for time
Muscle ups
Full snatches (135/95)

Rest 5 mins

“Body building” not for time
4 rounds
10 back raises
20 Hanging knee raises
dumbbell farmers lunge across gym (50s/35s
4 rounds
8-12 reps Lateral dumbbell raises
8-12 reps Dumbbell Front raises
3 rounds
8-12 reps Dumbbell RDLS (2 dumbbells )
8-12 reps straight bar curls
8-12 reps single arm Banded tricep push down