WOD Feb 10 ,2023

“You never know how strong you are until being strong is you’re only choice.” -Bob Marley-

The 2023 CROSSFIT open is on FEB 16th ONLY 6 MORE DAYS , sign up and push yourself ! Glad you all decided to sign up!

A. MAXIMUM In 15 minutes
1 clean
3 front squats
1 jerk

B. 20 minute AMRAP
50 single leg squats (sub lunges)
50 kb swings
40 bar facing burpees
40 power cleans
30 toe to bar
30 front squats
20 chest to bar pull ups
20 push jerks
10 bar muscle ups (sub banded muscle up, jumping bar muscle up, more chest to bar)
10 thrusters
*Barbell: 135/95