WOD November 22, 2020

Outdoor space and open air gym space are in use and our schedule remains the same.
Sign up via the MINDBODY app for your upcoming classes. All classes will be capped at 12 people. If you are having any trouble or have questions text Lily at 831-566-4263.

“Oh! Most miserable wretch that I am! Why have I not learnt how to swim?” –Alexander the Great
**Pop up Ocean swim at 12:00 at the base of the Capitola Wharf, show up if you are a badass polar bear. Wetsuits welcome. Fins welcome.

10am WOD:
150m farmer carry (2×50/2×35 RX)
5 rounds
8 dumbbell thruster (2×50/2×35 RX)
10 burpee
14 V-up
150m farmer carry