WOD October 7, 2020

Sign up via the MINDBODY app for your upcoming class. All classes will be capped at 12 people. If you are having any trouble or have questions text Lily at 831-566-4263.
NEWS ALERT! Saturday October 24th is “MURPH” day! RX Competition heat arrive at 8:30am (this is with RX weight vest and judge, must pre-sign up at the gym), all levels class at 10am, followed by potluck lunch.

Erik Cornelius is our ‘Athlete Of The Month’ and is well deserving of this title. He has fearlessly jumped into CrossFit training and is a model student in his dedication, focus and willingness to attack his weaknesses. Thank you Erik for being part of our community and gracing us with your witty sense of humor early in the morning. Also, Erik has a band called ‘VT and Yukon’ that can be heard on Spotify. He is Hero material for sure!

Back Squat
5×4 @ 70%

Hero WOD…
10 rounds for time
5 GI Janes
10 sit ups
15 double unders