WOD August 25, 2020

All through our quarantine workouts Bridget came to the outdoor WODs everyday after having surfed for multiple hours, to top it off she wore a weight vest for nearly every run and usually lifted weights later in the day. She chose to spend her time off of work taking her training to the next level and her performance shows this. She has just begun Respiratory Therapy School and continues to diligently stick to her training. Be like Bridget.

“The big lesson in life, baby, is never be scared of anyone or anything.”– Frank Sinatra

Please remember to wear a mask from the lot to the outdoor gym space and sign in via your MINDBODY account for your upcoming class in order to ensure your spot. All classes will be capped at 12 people. If you are having any problems with this contact Lily at 831-566-4263.

A. Strength:
Back Squat
4×4 @ 75-80%

B. MetCon:
1 bear complex (135/95)
100 double under
30 pull up
20 ring dip
30 pull up
100 double under
1 bear complex