WOD June 16, 2020

TODAY WE HAVE A POP UP CLASS! Powerlifting 10-11:30am, available for sign ups on the MINDBODY schedule, please secure your spot in advance.

FRIDAY’S POP UP CLASS: Ocean Endurance WOD 6/19 @ 8am-9:30am @ Capitola Wharf. Swim. Paddle. Run. Again, please sign in via MINDBODY app.

Keep on the lookout for these new pop up classes, they are additions to our traditional WODs that are chosen based on what skills the athletes in the gym need to develop further in order to be well rounded athletically. 

Please remember to sign via your MINDBODY account for your upcoming class in order to ensure your spot. All classes will be capped at 12 people. If you are having any problems with this contact Lily at 831-566-4263.

A: Gymnastic strength:
10 min EMOM
odd-5 strict pull up (scale up to weighted)
even-16 v-up

5 rounds
7 hang power clean (RX 115/75, RX+ 135/95)
9 front squat
35 double under