WOD MARCH 27, 2020

DAILY “SOCIAL DISTANCING” WORKOUT @ 12:00 NOON! Rain or shine. Today we will meet at DeLaveaga Park @ 855 Branciforte Drive, find us on the grassy fields. Bring a towel for pass throughs and to lay on for any ground work. Locations will be moved to alternating outdoor areas where we can always maintain a 12 foot distance between athletes at all times, we take extra precautions to stay well within the California’s and Santa Cruz County’s Health Code Order Section 10, line #3. This is safe, properly protected and good for the mind, body and soul. We will make it through this together with our health and sanity intact! 

A. Endurance:
1 mile run (use an app to track your distance, kudos for hills)

B. Tabata:
pull up (find a way: table/ tree branch)

C. MetCon:
10 min EMOM
25 m sprint
4 navy seal (push up, R knee to elbow, push up, L knee to elbow, push up, jump up)