WOD March 24, 2020

DAILY WORKOUT @ 12:00 NOON! Today we will meet at DeLaveaga Park @ 855 Branciforte Drive, find us on the grassy fields. Locations will be moved to alternating outdoor areas where we can always maintain a 12 foot distance between athletes at all times for extra precautions and to stay well within the Santa Cruz County’s Health Code Order Section 10, line #3. 

Adding a performance goal to your training can help keep you focused during all of this, such as 50 unbroken push ups, handstand walking, proper v-ups, overhead squats with your broom etc. And…a diet check in! How are you all doing? Add lots of anti viral foods like garlic and green tea to your diet as prevention is highly recommended. Stay hydrated. Get ample rest. Hope you all are making healthy choices, remember Viruses live on sugar so hold back the Cookie Monster within!

A. Strength:
5 sets
10 dip (bench, fence, chair)
10 pull up (sub weighted push up, use a full backpack)
10 pistol squat (scale up to weighted)

B. MetCon:
14 min AMRAP
10 burpee jump over (box, fence, any obstacle)
50m sprint (25 out and 15 back)
30 Air squat