WOD March 20, 2020

“we are gonna come out of this mess totally fu&%$# shredded!”-Lorianne
Keep up your workouts! Great to see your faces at the beach… from a 12 foot distance ๐Ÿ™‚
Thank you again to all of our members and other community who have shown so much support in keeping small business alive during this time. We are a strong community.
We are holding 12:00 noon beach workouts 7 days a week at Seabright Beach, rain or shine until further notice. We maintain a 12 foot distance from one another for proper safety measures and most have been dunking in the ocean water post workout. This has been extremely stress relieving for many!

Warm up:
5 min AMRAP
5 air squat
5 push up
5 windmill toe touch
5 jumping jack
6 reps inchworm
6 reps elbow to instep
6 10 leg swing (10 leg swing laterally and 10 back to front)
10 pass through
10 good morning

5 sets of 8 reps per leg
(scale up to weighted with milk jug/ bag of canned goods etc)

25 min AMRAP
5 jumping squat
10 reverse lunge
5 plank 2 pike
10 sit up