WOD March 16, 2020

Everyday we are faced with decisions on how to live our lives, to decide whether to help or harm our health, whether to build or degrade our immune systems. We have found ourselves within a community that takes an active role in disease prevention through exercise, diet , active stress relief and self care. We are grateful for all of you who make up this group of people who choose health on a daily basis regardless of the self discipline and sacrifices necessary at times.
Here are a few things to keep in mind in regards to your immune function: Exercise, get quality sleep every night, stay hydrated with water, broth and herbal teas, eat organic vegetables, healthy fats (avocados, nuts, olive oil, fatty fish), get fresh air and sun everyday, stay away from sugar and flours in all forms (VIRUSES LIVE ON SUGAR), supplement with vitamin C (up to 1000 mg 4xday) and D (up to 800 IU/day on a short term basis) and engage in relaxing forms of self care and stress relief.
Please read this article from TIME in regards to gyms and Coronavirus.
we are actively disinfecting all equipment after each use and we thank you for all of your contributions in helping keep the gym clean!

A. ‘Core Values’
5 min AMRAP
5 strict toe2bar
16 russian twist (35/25)
18 mountain climber (knees touch elbows)

3 rounds for time
30 dumbbell snatch (50/35)
30 single dumbbell front squat
100 double under