WOD April 13, 2019

*9am OUTWOD Fundraiser event for LGBTQ+ teens with apparel raffle at the end!
SIGNING UP: https://iamout.org/events/outwod-santa-cruz/
DONATING: https://secure.givelively.org/donate/the-out-foundation/outwod-2019/seabright-crossfit

*10am community workout, open to the public, no experience necessary!
*11-12pm OPEN Gym

With a partner:
Part #1: Buy in = 50 alt medball sit-ups
Part #2: Max Reps wall ball

Partner A performs one full round of…
10 Pull-ups (sub jumping pull ups)
14 burpee box jumps (20″)

Partner B accumulates as many Wall Balls in the time it takes A to complete a round.
Goal = 200 reps
Repeat this cycle until the team has accumulated 200 Wall Ball Shots collectively.
(25 min time cap)

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